Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final Assessment

Over this past semester my main focus was to become a better writer than when I went into English 101. I feel that I have accomplished many of the goals that I had set for myself. Some of those goals were how to brainstorm and map ideas, how to effectively revise my writing, and how to integrate others ideas into my writing. I know that I have a lot to still work on in my writing, but I feel I have made a giant leap from where I was.

When ever we were told that each post we did had to be about writing I automatically thought about dropping the class, because I have never been good at picking a topic to write about. Then when I got the book On Writing by Stephen King I started to realize that I could use some of the ideas he was talking about in his book and use them in my blog post. One of the post that best demonstrates how I used his book to write my post is What do people usually write about? I felt that this post was a huge improvement from the previous ones. In the first couple post we had I did not use anyone elses ideas and you can tell the improvement in this post.

I also saw that when ever I started to put my post in paragraphs that they started to make more sense and had a much better flow to them as well. In the post What does it take to become a good writer I started to put my main ideas into separate paragraphs which made all the ideas I had come together into one great post. Not only did putting my ideas into paragraphs make the post sound better, but I was also able to write longer post.

One of the main goals I wanted to work on was having consideration for the audience. In many of my past English classes I have been told to work on this goal. I felt like being in this class and having it on the computer made me accomplish this goal. The one post that I think especially relates to the audience is Tell Me a Story. In this post I felt that many audiences could relate to what I wrote. 

I also had a huge problem with procrastination before I took this class, but with every post I found my self getting up early just do it. I do not know if it was because I was having fun, or if I just wanted to get it out of the way. Having fun in this class was my major goal. I am not the type of person who likes to sit at a computer and write all day, but I found myself having fun when I wrote most of the blog posts. The one post I had the most fun with and was probably the best post I had was The 12 and half writing rules you will only need! This post is a great example of everything I learned in this class this semester. I put my main ideas into separate paragraphs, I also used others ideas and put them into my own writing, and I also had great consideration for my audience. 

Even though I accomplished many of my goals for this semester there was still a few I have to work on. I still need to work on proofreading every assessment I do. I also need to work on my introduction and conclusion in every paper or post that I do. This class has helped me out in all of  these areas, but I still need a ton of work to be the writer I know I can be. There is many more areas I need to work on but these are the big ones. I also would like to say that I enjoyed taking this class this semester. I did not think that I was going to do very well on a computer based class, but I proved my self wrong and I want to thank you for that. The advise you gave all of us I know has made us better writers and you can't take many classes that you learn as much as I did in this one.

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