Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Writing about what you Know

Over the many years that I have been writing I can not remember the last time I wrote about something I knew. In my opinion if you write about something you know, you will have more knowledge to write a great paper. I will not be lying about what I am writing, and sitting there all day thinking about what to write. In stephen Kings book On Writing he says ''If your plumber write about plumbing''. I mean you can write more than just about plumbing. The plumber could write about trying out for a professional baseball team, but the whole time he is still a plumber talking about his life up till he tries out for the team.

If I was to choose something to write about it would be about football. I know everything there is to know about football. So I would not be lying about anything in my story. I would also put my own twist in my story about football. I would not just write about the rules. I would write about the friendships I gained in football, or the close games I played in that were so much fun.

In Stephen Kings book On Writing he talks about John Grisham's breakout novel, The firm. The story talks about a young lawyer who ends up working for the mafia. My point is that John Grisham wrote a story about a lawyer and he knew about lawyers. H was not lying about anything in his story he just put his only little twist on it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Challenges of Writing

When I write I face many challenges. I believe you have to face challenges in writing so you can become a better writer. Some of the challenges I face are I have to many run-on sentences, I do not put the comma in the right spot, or I do not use the right grammar. When I am writing I want to notice that I  am overcoming these challenges. The only way to overcome these challenges is to just keep writing.

One challenge I find hard in writing is learning the different ways to write. The way you have to change your mood when you are talking to a certain audience. Another challenge is vocabulary. I do not have the best use of vocabulary so When I write I just keep it short and sweet. Stephen King talks about Vocabulary in his book On Writing. He says to become a better writer you have to put Vocabulary on the top shelf of your toolbox. I guess thats a way to overcome the challenge of vocabulary put it on the top shelf of my writing toolbox.

To me to become better writers we have to face our challenges. Put your challenges in a toolbox and have them in differnt shelfs. I would put vocabulary on my first shelf and work down from there. Also face your challenges as a writer and you probably become a better writer.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

As a writer I do not feel very confident. I have always felt that sometimes I do not have a purpose to write, so I do not put as much into my writing as I should. Over the years I have tried to learn ways to become a better writer, but I know have a ways to go. I want to be able to feel confident about writing, and not think I am a bad writer. When people read my papers I want them to think I actually cared about what I was writing. Over the years I have had many classes that I have helped me feel more confident in my writing, but I want to get to the point where I am not making any mistakes in my papers. To me writing is the most important thing you can learn as a student. When you go out into the real world writing is the most important thing you need to know. Every job you will ever have will require you to write. That's why as a student I want to learn as much about writing as I can. In the past I have had a bad attitude towards writing because I have always been told my writing is not that good. I know now that I am a little older that if you have bad attitude towards writing then the worse your writing is going to be. From now on as a writer I want to always have a purpose to write, and express the way I feel about certain things in my writing. I want to change the way I have always thought about writing. I have always kinda thought it was pointless. Until last semester when I finally figured out how important writing actually was. It was not just writing but learning to write the way you should. Feeling you have a purpose to write, and no matter what anyone says about your writing you feel confident in it. I learned last semester that I could write with purpose. There was papers I would make errors on, but that can always be fixed with practice. There is so much I want to learn this semester about writing. I want to be able express my self more and give more detail in my writing. Overall I just want to become a better writer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The one rule by Vonnegut that will be hard for me to follow will be sound like your self. When I am writing papers I tend to not always sound like myself. This is the one rule I want to work on as a writer. When I was reading Vonneguts writing I was trying to think of ways to sound like myself in my writing. So this rule would definitly be the hardest for me to follow.


Hi, my name is Dakota Hill. I go to school at Jacksonville State University. Which is located in Alabama. I am originally from Bremen,Ga. This is my first time even doing a blog so i am excited to be learning how to do it.